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Refereed papers

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Books and book chapters

[1] A. O. Lyakhov, A. R. Oganov, and M. Valle, Crystal structure prediction using evolutionary approach, in Modern Methods of Crystal Structure Prediction (A. R. Oganov, ed.), Wiley-VCH, Nov. 2010. [ bib | file ]
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[4] R. Marmo, M. Valle, and C. Zannoni, Introduzione alla visualizzazione scientifica. Editrice Il Rostro, 2004. [ bib | file ]

Conference papers and posters

[1] A. Rigano, V. Galli, R. Giulietti, T. Leidi, M. Valle, I. F. Sbalzarini, and C. S. D. Castillia, OMEGA: an open source environment to facilitate the execution of motion analysis workflows, to estimate error and to share results, in 10th Annual OME Users Meeting, (Paris), June 2 - 3 2015. (poster). [ bib | conference site ]
[2] M. Valle, Crystal fingerprints space a novel paradigm to study crystal strucures sets, in 2nd Joint AIC-SILS Conference, (Florence), p. 92, AIC-SILS, Sept. 15-18 2014. [ bib ]
[3] H. Schabauer, M. Valle, C. Pacher, H. Stockinger, A. Stamatakis, M. Robinson-Rechavi, and N. Salamin, FastCodeML: Optimizing and Parallelizing CodeML for the Branch-Site Model, in SIB days 2013, (Bienne, CH), Jan. 28-29 2013. (poster). [ bib | conference site ]
[4] H. Schabauer, M. Valle, C. Pacher, H. Stockinger, A. Stamatakis, M. Robinson-Rechavi, Z. Yang, and N. Salamin, SlimCodeML: An Optimized Version of CodeML for the Branch-Site Model, in IEEE International Workshop on High Performance Computational Biology (HiCOMB'12), (Shanghai, P.R. China), May 21 2012. [ bib | conference site ]
[5] H. Schabauer, M. Valle, H. Stockinger, N. Salamin, and M. Robinson-Rechavi, Toward a Supercomputing Approach to Large Scale Darwinian Evolution, in Phylogenetics: New data, new Phylogenetic challenges, (Cambridge, UK), June 20-24 2011. (poster). [ bib | conference site ]
[6] M. Valle and A. R. Oganov, Crystal Structures Classifier for an Evolutionary Algorithm Structure Predictor, in Visual Analytics Science and Technology, 2008. VAST '08. IEEE Symposium on, pp. 11-18, Oct. 19 - 24 2008. (One of the paper images has been selected for the proceedings' cover). [ bib | doi | file | conference site ]
[7] A. Lyakhov, A. Oganov, and M. Valle, Increasing the effectiveness of evolutionary crystal structure prediction using fingerprint function, Acta Crystallographica Section A, vol. 64, p. C206, Aug. 2008. [ bib | doi ]
[8] A. R. Oganov, M. Valle, A. Lyakhov, Y. Ma, and Y. Xie, Evolutionary crystal structure prediction and its applications to materials at extreme conditions, Acta Crystallographica Section A, vol. 64, pp. C41-C42, Aug. 2008. [ bib | doi ]
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[17] J. Favre and M. Valle, An In-House Development for Visualization in Molecular Science, in Fourth LACSI Symposium, (Santa Fe, New Mexico), Oct. 27 - 29 2003. (poster). [ bib | conference site ]

Other (not refereed or for non specialists)

[1] A. Rigano, V. Galli, J. M. Clark, L. E. Pereira, L. Grossi, J. Luban, R. Giulietti, T. Leidi, E. Hunter, M. Valle, I. F. Sbalzarini, and C. Strambio-De-Castillia, Omega: a software tool for the management, analysis, and dissemination of intracellular trafficking data that incorporates motion type classification and quality control, bioRxiv, 2018. [ bib | doi | file ]
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