Mario Valle Web

Tools for information sharing on the web

Here I have listed the tools I found useful building my small Web presence. It is not in any way a complete list, there are plenty of listing on the Web if you are interested. But I have tried those references for a very specific type of Web presence, which is to share information about my own work.

An early version of this list has been presented during the March 2nd, 2006 CSCS Brown Bag Lunch, an information sharing talk for internal people, where I present the experience I have gained building my own home page.

Links and references are subdivided in:

  1. Web presence hosting
  2. Web pages templates
  3. Editors for web pages
  4. Document importers
  5. Checkers and validators
  6. Image manipulation
  7. Developer tools
  8. Site management
  9. Tutorials
  10. Online references




Document importers

Checkers and validators


Developer tools

Site management


Online references