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Information sharing on the web

a personal experience

During the March 2nd, 2006 CSCS Brown Bag Lunch, an information sharing talk for internal people, I present the experience I have gained building my own home page.

This talk is not a Web design tutorial nor the presentation of a CSCS sponsored project. It is simply the presentation of my own motivations to build a web presence, the tools I have used and the lessons learned.

Here you find the talk slides, the list of links mentioned during the talk, tutorials and references useful for web page design and finally a real life example of Word-to-Web conversion.


Here are the talk slides [PDF] and handouts [PDF] (last updated: 02-march-2006).

As a useful tip, if you load a PDF file into Adobe Acrobat Professional and apply the Reduce File Size function, you can reduce its size to 22% – 55%. This is what I have done with my talk slides and handouts.

Useful links

And here the links to pages and tools I mentioned during the talk:


Online references

A Tidy example

Here is a real life example of creating a web page from a Word document. The example is composed by:

Things to check

Here are some tools that look promising to simplify the work of small web site owners, but I do not have tested them yet.