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The official IMSCIA – C21 Data Visualization Course page

This course is part of the International Master on Soft Computing for Industrial Applications (IMSCIA). The official page explains better what it is.

This is the page for the C21 – Data Visualization course.

Please check periodically this page, it will be updated also in response to your feedbacks.

Course introduction

“The purpose of computing is insight not numbers” remember us Richard Hamming. This is especially true in the area of unusual computational methods. To effectively solve real life problems we must use every strategy and tool we can reach. One of the tools sometimes neglected is our visual system: we have 60% of our brain cortex devoted to visual functions, so why don’t enroll them to make us more effective?

We will start our tour looking at what visualization is by analyzing a set of examples. From there we will build a reference model to chart our way from data to visualization techniques and finally to the human visual perception mechanisms. We will take frequent detours to unusual visualization techniques, real life lessons learned the hard way and graphic creativity helpers. We will also learn how to give substance to all of this using visualization tools. But the most important goal will be to make you explore in new ways your problems and solutions.

Course start questionnaire

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Useful material

References and additional course material.

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