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Scientific Data Bag

The Scientific Data Bag (SDB) is a lightweight method to add metadata to a set of heterogeneous datasets, to record their relationships, to store derived data and to provide uniform access to data and metadata. For those reasons the Scientific Data Bag (SDB) is a glue format, not a new scientific data format.

SDB has been developed for the Pelton project, but could be of interest also for other projects. A more in depth presentation of this project can be of interest to clarify its goals.

The following paper has been presented at the Simulation and Visualization 2005 conference:

M. Valle, J. Favre, E. Parkinson, A. Perrig, M. Farhat: Scientific Data Management for Visualization Implementation Experience, Simulation and Visualization 2005, Magdeburg, March 3 – 4, 2005 [PDF]