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mefe: a mencoder frontend

[mefe interface]

As promised during the Zürich tutorial, here is the mencoder frontend I use for my work. This means that it engineered till the point to be useful for me. That is: it could be better…

This tool help in the creation of movies starting from a set of images. The process is split in two parts:

  1. Conversion of the images into PNG (if needed) and crop to multiple of 16 dimensions. This phase is supported by ImageMagick tools.
  2. Movie coding using mencoder.

The two phases spit out two shell scripts that can be manually edited to restart or modify the coding process without the need of another run of mefe.



From here you can download mefe.tcl version 1.0.0.


  1. Select the first image of the sequence. If the images are already of the correct size and format, the next two steps should be skipped.
  2. Push Write and then Run
  3. Then set the desired fps
  4. Select the desired bitrate or select one of the three "quality factors"
  5. Choose the codec
  6. On the right select one of the coding profiles (set of mencoder settings)
  7. Select the output filename
  8. Push Write Build Script and then Run

To Do