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Blogs are more than blogs

by Joyce Wycoff

One of the things that has fascinated me about blogs since I somewhat reluctantly became a blogger about four months ago (with the encouragement of my blogging friend, Renee Hopkins — see “IdeaFlow”) is all the possible uses of blogging. I now have six blogs, including one focused on an area of learning that intrigues me — I use it like a graphic journal, one that’s a collaborative design effort for an upcoming meeting, and one that’s a mindset starter for the people who will be attending that meeting.

I was delighted to discover George Siemen’s article on blogging (see url below) and his list of possible uses. While I had thought of some of them, many were new. His list of uses for blogging is below and he states, “As an emerging tool, blogging uses have still not been completely explored.”

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