Write POV Ray


Write a POV-ray (raytracer) scene file. The scene contains the molecular structure (from structure_in) and the fields (from fld). The resulting scene file can be directly passed as input to POV-ray to obtain a raytraced image of the scene. The scene can be manually edited before passing it to POV-ray. If this module is used with trajectory data, it can create one scene file for each step of the animation.

Input Ports

structure_in MoleculeType Molecular structure data.
fld array of Mesh+Node_Data An optional array of fields to be rendered. Currently the following cell types are rendered:
If present uses node data.
If present uses node data.
Does not uses node data.
Rendered as cylinders.
Rendered as cylinders.
The cell borders are rendered as cylinders.
Rendered as spheres. If present uses node data.
If a node data is present, it is used in the following way:
normal vector
smooth the resulting surfaces
RGB color
color the surface
scalar node data
it is converted to a rainbow color scale to color the resulting surface
display_params DisplayParamsType Molecule display settings data from a Draw Structure module.


POV-Ray scene description file file browser Set the resulting scene filename (.pov).
Animation toggle Enable the generation of a sequence of scene files one for each value of the step input port.
finish list Set the kind of surface finish.
Normal finish
diffuse 0.3 specular 0.3 ambient 0.3 roughness 0.007
phong 0.8
Phong lite
ambient 0.2 diffuse 0.7 reflection 0.0 brilliance 1.0 phong 0.3 phong_size 50 specular 0.0
sky list Set the scene background.
Solid blue
Sunny day texture
Surface transparency slider The transparency value for surfaces.

Output Ports

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