Solvent Excluded Surface


Compute the molecule Solvent Excluded Surface using the MSMS (Molecular Surface Computation Home Page - Michel F. Sanner) tool.

Input Ports

structure_in MoleculeType Molecular structure data.


Probe radius float The radius of the probe used to find the solvent excluded surface (normally 1.4).
Triangulation density float The triangle density of the resulting surface. Bigger values means better quality, but over 6 there is no visible improvement.
Surface coloring radio buttons Set the value used to color the surface. Possible values are:
no color
The surface has the default color set by Editors->Object->Properties->Primary Color.
color by nearest atom type
Every node is colored by the type of the nearest atom. The color is the same used by the ball-and-stock molecule representation.
color by charge
Every node is colored by the nearest atom charge using the default rainbow colormap.
color by atomic number
Every node is colored by the nearest atom atomic number using the default rainbow colormap.
Surface opacity slider The surface opacity value.
Surface rendering type radio buttons The surface can be rendered as a surface, wireframe, points cloud or as a surface with lines added to enhance visibility when using transparency.

Output Ports

fld Field The computed solvent excluded surface.
obj DefaultObject The renderable version of fld.



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