Read Fermi Surface


Read a file in EIGENVAL format and output a volume that, using Isosurface or Isosurface nest, display the Fermi surfaces at a given energy level.

Input Ports

structure_in MoleculeType Of this molecular structure only the unit cell is used to compute the reciprocal space cell.


Select EIGENVAL file file browser The file name to be read. The file is in EIGENVAL format.
Select Fermi energy slider The energy at which the Fermi surffaces should be computed.
Points added slider The points added between any two points in the grid to interpolate values.

Output Ports

fld Field_Unif The volumetric data that represent the computed band level for each point.
min_band integer The number of the lower band at the given energy.
max_band integer The number of the upper band at the given energy.
num_bands integer The number of bands at the given energy.
reciprocal_cell MoleculeType Molecular structure with only the unit cell filled with the reciprocal space unit cell.

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