Read Fermi Bands


Read a file in EIGENVAL format and output for all bands their energy along a given polyline.

Input Ports



Select EIGENVAL file file browser The file name to be read. The file is in EIGENVAL format.
Number of neighbors numeric field The number of neighbors of the point to be interpolated used by the Sheppard interpolation algorithm.
Exponent numeric field The exponent used to weight the inverse distance in the Sheppard interpolation algorithm.
Number of nodes numeric field The number of nodes given to define the polyline (min. 2, max 12).
Points density numeric field The number of interpolated points per unit lenght along the polyline.
Coords numeric fields (x, y, z) The coordinates (between -1 and 1) of the nodal points that define the polyline.

Output Ports

obj DefaultObject The resulting chart to be sent to a Uviewer2D.

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