Pick Unit Cell


Redefines the unit cell for the displayed structure by picking on four atoms that define, in order, the origin, the end of the A vector, the end of the B vector, the end of the C vector.

The input structural data is then updated with the new unit cell and cropped inside it. The module works also for animated data.

Input Ports

structure_in MoleculeType Molecular structure data from which the subcell should be extracted.
picked_obj DefaultObject The picked graphic object from the corresponding Viewer output. Picking is done by Control-LeftButton click on the viewer.


Enable picking toggle Enable picking.
Reset button Reset the internal status of the module removing any label on screen and resetting the output unit cell to its input value.
Label format standard
AVS/Express text graphic object params
Enable modification of the label format.

Output Ports

label_obj DefaultObject The resulting label object. It has to be sent to the MolViewer input.
structure_out MoleculeType Structural data obtained from the input structure adding the new the unit cell that is computed from the picked atoms and cropping the structure to leave only the atoms inside the unit cell.

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