Measure Structure


Access information about and measure a displayed structure. One to four atoms can be picked by clicking mouse Control-LeftButton in the viewer to obtain:

Multiple set of atoms could be picked.

The information appears as a label in the viewer. To remove the label from the display just pick on the viewer background or set the pick operation to disabled.

Input Ports

structure_in MoleculeType Molecular structure data to be measured.
picked_obj DefaultObject The picked graphic object from the corresponding Viewer output. Picking is done by Control-LeftButton click on the viewer.


Select pick operation radio buttons The operation to be performed:
  • Picking disabled.
  • Information on a single atom (one atom picked).
  • Distance between two atoms (two atoms picked).
  • Angle formed by three atoms (three atoms picked). The vertex is the second atom picked.
  • Torsion angle formed by four atoms (four atoms picked). Torsion angle is the angle formed between the planes containing atoms 1,2,3 and 2,3,4.
Pick multiple toggle If set, more than one set of atoms could be picked. Near the toggle a label show how many sets have been picked.
Marker size numeric field Dimension of the marker.
Set label appearance standard
AVS/Express text graphic object params
Enable modification of the label display.

Output Ports

obj DefaultObject The marker of the measure performed plus the label containing the information on the atom or the measure performed.

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