Draw Simple Polyhedra


Display a convex polyhedron around selected atoms. The vertices are atoms of a selected kind between a given minimum and maximum distance from the center atom.

Input Ports

structure_in MoleculeType Molecular structure data.


Select polyhedra center atoms multi select list The list of atom types to be used as polyhedra centers.
Deselect All button Deselect all entries in the Select polyhedra center atoms list.
Select All button Select all entries in the Select polyhedra center atoms list.
Freeze toggle If selected, the module does not recompute the list of atom types and does not read the user selection. Useful during animations.
Number of vertices slider Number of vertices of the polyhedrons. The minimum value is 4.
Exact toggle If selected, only polyhedra with the requested number of vertces and no possibility of more are build. For example if with the distance constraints a cube (8 vertices) could be built, but an octahedra has been requested, then the octahedra will not be built.
Max distance slider Maximum distance of any vertex from the polyhedron center atom.
Min distance slider Minimum distance of any vertex from the polyhedron center atom.
Select vertex atoms list The kind of atoms that should occupy the vertices of the polyhedra. One of the selections is "Any type of atom".
Opacity slider The opacity of the facies of the polyhedras.
Draw borders toggle If selected, a line is draw along the borders of the polyhedras.
White lines toggle If selected, the border lines are draw white, otherwise black. Active only when Draw borders is selected.
Use Polygons toggle If selected, the faces are draw using polygons and not set of triangles. This creates better looking faces.
Tol. field The tolerance value used to decide if two triangles are coplanar and can be fused together. The value is the dot product of the two triangles normals. Visible only if Use Polygons selected.
Flat sides toggle If selected, the polyhedras are rendered with flat shading. This can be useful to make them visually pop-out.
Force color toggle If selected, the polyhedra color is set by the user with the color chooser widget. Otherwise the color is set by the center atom type.

Output Ports

obj DefaultObject The renderable version of the polyhedras.
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