Compute a protein backbone. The tube selects the atoms marked CA but pass only through the ones placed between a N and a C atoms.

Input Ports

structure_in MoleculeType Molecular structure data.


Points added slider Points added between two CA intersection nodes.
Smoothness slider "Tension" parameter of the interpolating spline: a value of 0 creates stright tube segment between nodes; 1 is the normal value and higher than 1 accentuate curvature.
Tube scale slider Radius of the tube.
Tube facets slider Number of sides composing the tube wall.
Mesh only toggle If set the backbone tube is colored by the color set below. Otherwise the color is set from the corresponding atom scalar value.
Mesh color color editor Sets the backbone tube color.

Output Ports

obj DefaultObject The renderable version of the backbone tube.




The coloring of the tube depends on the current active AVS/Express colormap, not the one selected for the molecule rendering in Draw Structure.

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