Axis Glyph


Display three arrows to mark the origin and the XYZ axis directions, or the unit cell abc vectors. The glyph could also be offset from the origin.

Input Ports

structure_in MoleculeType Molecular structure data. If it contains unit cell definition data (ie. read from a format that contains it) then selecting the "unit cell" style displays the glyph oriented along the basis set. If not connected displays the coordinate glyph.


Glyph style radio buttons Select the format of the glyph. The available formats are:
Coordinate axis
The glyph indicates the axis orientation.
Unit cell
The glyph shows the unit cell basis vectors.
Reciprocal unit cell
The glyph shows the unit cell basis vectors and the labels are changed to star form.
Lenght field The length of the arrows.
Radius field The radius of the arrow body.
Facets field The subdivision of the triangulated surfaces.
Tip radius (perc.) field Radius of the arrow tip expressed as fraction of the base radius.
Tip lenght (perc.) field The length of the tip expressed as fraction of the arrow length.
Offset {X, Y, Z} field The offset computed respect to the origin.
Axis Glyph Labels
(new panel)
AVS/Express text glyph object params
Enable modification of the axis labels.

Output Ports

glyph DefaultObject The renderable version of the glyph.



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