CrystalFp library

This group of pages will contains everything related to the CrystalFp library and driver program.

CrystalFp library

The CrystalFp implementation consists in a library and a driver program.

Documentation on the library is available also in the general documentation area. The library API is documented in doxygen format.

Driver program

The library can be accessed using the cfp executable. Various options are settable from the command line. It is available also a small usage example.

Other examples

Generate data using this script. Then visualize results using R.

Alternatively you can create a scatterplot and show scatteplot again using R.

To visualize the results you need the R readers for cfp results.

Git Repository and Source Download

The CrystalFp code is on GitHub and can be accessed via SSH as: or directly going to the CrystalFp GitHub web page.

A ZIP file of all the CrystalFp sources (library and driver program) can be downloaded from the above GitHub CrystalFp page.


The build is based on CMAKE. This way platform peculiarities could be dealt with ease.

Download the archive from GitHub as above. UnZip the archive. This creates a directory with a name similar to: crystalfp-CrystalFp-ad8e57d. Rename it to CrystalFp. This way Doxygen works without changes. Create a parallel directory called, for example, build. Change directory to it. Configure cmake executing ccmake ../CrystalFp. Set the Build Type to Release. Then configure for your platform, generate and then build. That's all.

To Do list

During development I compiled a list of things still missing from CrystalFp.