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Beyond Ball-and-Stick

What scientific visualization can do for chemistry users

Visualization is not only nice images and chemistry visualization is not only ball-and-stick.

Starting from the visualization foundation principles and methods, this tutorial will try to show how visualization in chemistry can help researchers in their work. At the end of the tutorial the participants will know how and why visualization works, which are the available tools at CSCS, the importance of data and data management. But mainly, we hope that examples and items presented will generate fresh ideas useful for the researchers’ work.

The tutorial will try to be not only a one-way communication exercise. In the agenda a significant portion of time is allocated for the exchange of visualization experiences and for the discovery of what kind of visualization support the users need from CSCS. Definitely new support needs will arise from the recently introduced Horizon machine with its expected “data firehose” to be analyzed and understood.

The tutorial will cover:

Supporting material: